How To Use Discounts To Create A User Experience

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Apr 29, 2017
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Discounts are often the word business owners don’t like to hear however the large companies are consistently throwing out discounts to generate buzz and clear stock.
Heck some even inflate prices so they can allow for discounts. A discount always seems to hold some value with the buyer. The feeling of getting some money off can often sway a buying decision.
I was recently out for lunch and saw an effective marketing method to bring people back to the restaurant.
Rather than just simply giving out a discount you were given a voucher that could be used on your return. But it wasn’t just a voucher off your next bill.
It had some excitement to it.

Watch the video to learn more.

As you can see, adding excitement to your offer can create a user experience that’s not “just another discount”.
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How Could You Use This Offer

If you have a physical business or ship physical products this could work for you.
Create your offer and make it valid only when the customer returns. The point of this style of offer is to get people to return to your business and use the discount.
You could print the same style of offer hidden inside an envelope.
A quick search online found Vista Print do custom printed envelopes.
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Add urgency to your offer by using a valid until date. Keep the offer date within 3 months. This time will allow for tracking and return quicker revenue.

Offer Ideas

You have an endless amount of ideas for your offers. The more creative you get the more excitement it can add to the offer. Here are some ideas to hide in your envelopes and places where it could work well:
  • Free coffee 100%
  • 50% pre-stamped loyalty card (Coffee, restaurant, bakery)
  • 25% pre-stamped loyalty card (Coffee, restaurant, bakery)
  • Kids farms (days out, animal feeding, free rides)
  • Toy shops
These styles of offer would work for any business.

Online Email Offers

Using this offer online would also work well but creating the offer to email out is a little more tricky.
You would first need to create a bunch of codes that have different discounted values:
  • 25% OFF
  • 50% OFF
  • 100% OFF
Once you have the codes you need a way to randomly insert those into your email.
This will depend largely on your email service provider.
You could do this by randomly generating the codes and importing those into a custom field in your email service provider. This is where it starts getting a little more technical.
If you know of a way this can easily be created for an online shop?, please comment below.

Create A User Experience

If you try this offer get creative! Have fun with it and make it exciting for the user.
Creating a user experience has more value than a sale. People talk about their experiences. When they talk about good experiences other people will want to try.
Word of mouth if the one of the most powerful marketing tools you have.



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