I study top brands and marketers then reverse engineer how they generate leads and sales to apply the same strategies to your business.

Do you want to create and sell digital products? Build automated email flows? Create automations to save time? Simplify your marketing systems? We should talk.
If you have an ecom store and want a freelance marketer, I currently manage growth for £1M+ Shopify stores. I audit sites and look for ways to increase sales and improve business processes across content, social and email, see some of my clients results >
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40+ Lead Magnet Ideas

Swipes these ideas for your next content upgrade and grow your email list faster.
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Course Launch Map

Follow this course launch map to pre-sell your course idea before you even create your course.

Resources & Courses

Want to see some of my free tools and training.

Daily Notes

Where I write about the little things that go a long way.

What I Do

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Video Tutorials

Check out my channel over on YouTube
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Notion Templates

Download my templates on Gumroad
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Learn marketing, product creation and more
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Landing pages & templates
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Shopify Marketing

Full marketing stack
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Amazon FBA

Grow on FBA & MFC

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Where I share results and what I’m learning from running ecom stores, creating digital products and marketing online.

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Want to create an online course, grow your Shopify store on do more online marketing?
Contact me here or through direct message on Twitter 🙂
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