1:1 Coaching With Me

I Will Tell You Exactly As It Is, No BS!

The #1 factor that has been critical in helping create my own information products and build my business is coaching. I began by visiting forums, and joining membership sites where I learned everything I could about product creation and marketing.
Jump forward 10 years, and I’ve been creating training products and courses for myself and clients.
It has not been easy. I still have days where I work long hours to complete projects, and I am the first to say that there is no magic bullet to help your business grow, or make you money online overnight. This requires commitment, a lot of hard work, failing projects and continuous effort.
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Package Your Knowledge & Skills Into Digital Products or Online Courses.

If you are trying to create information-based products, build an online course, market your offline business, start on Amazon, build a Shopify store, find new clients or learn ways to build a lifestyle business from your passion. I will show you how to use proven methods, which will be effective as long as YOU are prepared to put in the hard work.
$197 for 1hr
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Discuss Ecom, Shopify Amazon FBA.

During lockdown I built a low six-figure business - It failed, I learned more from it failing than the success of the growth.
I can help you understand the system better and improve your current processes from packaging, shipping, ads, FBA, MFC, VAT and the full app setup I use to manage £1M growth for Shopify sites.
$297 1hr
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New To Online Marketing & Selling Products.

I’ve been there too. I started over 10 years ago learning the ropes and you can tap into my knowledge to get yourself ahead. Which tools? Which payment service? What product? Let me help you start!
$99 1hr
I can steer you in the right direction, so long as you focus and complete the tasks I set you.
I know all the technical and no-code tools to get the jobs done, fast!
This is just some of what we will cover during our coaching sessions:
  • How to choose the right idea for you.
  • How to get traffic.
  • How to pick one project and complete it.
  • What technology to use, for example software, payment gateways, membership software etc.
  • What platform to use to reach your target audience.
  • What’s apps to use in Shopify.
  • when you need MFC or FBA
  • How to determine your focus.
  • Choose a proven business model in your niche (ebook, online course, membership site).
  • Create lead magnets to generate new leads.
  • What formulas to apply to grow your audience.
Disclaimer: If you are looking for a “magic bullet”, or are expecting to get rich overnight, this coaching is not for you. If you want to find excuses, and are unwilling to try out my instructions and suggestions then, please, don’t waste either of our time. I only want to work with individuals who are as passionate about building their business. There is a NO refund policy on this product – only fully committed individuals should proceed.