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May 24, 2019
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Now is the year to get out of your comfort zone! Everything I want to share on my blog, talk about and teach and my podcast is what I have done over the last 10 years online and all the different things I test and play around with.
The mistakes and failures I’ve had and what has gone well.
One thing I’m trying quite a lot this year is actually getting out of my comfort zone. I’ve been running my YouTube channel and for quite some time and I’ve published lots of videos. Some done really well and then I kind of slowed down publishing and want to get back into it.
A couple of years ago in November, I’d done a what was called, Vidvember that was inspired by seeing Chris Ducker do this a year before for his Vidtember.
It involved posting a video on YouTube every day for 30 days. The more I looked into this I found people like Casey Neisat, he’s been doing it every day for like life. Literally, he vlogs every day on his YouTube channel and I have done the 30 days. I learned so much. Actually, so much time goes into editing videos, but I was completely out of my comfort zone.
I recorded things on my phone, I just set it up and got going. And that’s why I wanted to try and inspire you to do, it doesn’t matter what it is or what platform you’re trying to put something out on. But one thing about doing something every day, like picking a 30-day challenge and trying to do something every day can really break the boundaries of what you know and you learn so much along the way.
Like me doing this podcast, it’s all short snippets, bytes of information and I don’t know how it’s going to go. I’m not worried about how it’s going to go either. I’m going gonna try and teach people and hopefully, I inspire someone to pick up, their own phone and record a video, start a podcast or just produced some content and being able to step out your comfort zone.
You really can expand your reach to other people you didn’t know there were there before. So I’d done Vidvember and started vlogging and gradually got back into doing more YouTube stuff and learning to edit video with new skills.

52 Week Challenge

It’s quite a lengthy job editing videos. What I’ve I tried to do this year, we’re now in May and I tried to publish a new video every week that was going well. I then went away for Traffic and Conversion Summit in San Diego.
I then came home and went back away for another three weeks with my family to the states and for another event and I couldn’t really record much in that period. That is a complete excuse, I know, but I’m still focusing on that goal, I need to edit another video soon. I did record two videos while I was away. I’m going to edit those.

Stop Being Perfect

A lot of the video, I’m just going to pick up my camera and talk, very much like my podcast.
If I can pick up and my phone and speak on video for about three minutes and teach something or show a screen share of what I’m trying to do. Or if I found a bug in Shopify site, I’m trying to fix up a plugin in Shopify or WordPress I’m going to record it and teach and that’s just going to be my video content.
I’m not going to worry about how professionally cropped and chopped it looks and is it a Hollywood presentation. I’m just going to get it out there and get the content flowing.

Consistency is the key to anything in the whole world of marketing and business. If you are consistently showing up, you’re going to reach more people and they’re going to see that you actually show up!

So my message to you is just to get out of your comfort zone. I have a client recently who’s just launched the podcast, there are five episodes, she’s got 20 odd listeners and it’s growing slowly. Right now it’s nothing, but there’s still, there are 20 people she didn’t have before now listening to a podcast. Let’s look at it in six months or a year and see where it is. So, pick up your camera and record something.
Go to your blog. If you don’t have a blogger go to Medium, is a blogging platform. Go and write something. If you’re like a fiction writer, go write a story there. If you want to teach someone something, go write something educational. Teach them how to do something. If you’ve not done that before, do that. If you want to get on camera, go and set up a live stream on Facebook, get out of your comfort zone and go and do something completely different to what you do every day.
I said this in other episodes, I do coaching calls with my email list subscribers. I do a call every month with people who go and schedule a call with me.
You can do the same and schedule a call with me and chat about your business, where you’re at and discuss what you currently do.
I often reach back to people a month later and see how they are. I generally look at things, see if they’ve changed anything or if they’re doing anything new, did they put any suggestions that I gave them in place. I might jump over their social accounts. Are they doing anything with video have they have, they made a new blog post.

Publish On Different Platforms

If you don’t want to be on camera, just publish a new post into your Facebook page every day and maybe publish something new to Twitter every day or take a picture of something you’re creating or some craft you’re working on or something you’re printing. Just get out of your comfort zone and try something different.
I spoke in the previous episode about building an audience. You can reach way more people if you just step out a little bit.
Don’t make things too comfy. Step out into another platform, another area and published something new. Put some content out there see if you reach more people. I don’t mean go and do this everywhere. You don’t have to be everywhere is, it’s not about having a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube channel and everything. Don’t try and do that cause you to spread yourself thin and can’t really focus and pay attention to where your audience hang out.
If you’re on Facebook publishing text content regularly, try to publish a video there. If you’ve never done a video because you’re worried about how you look, WAKE UP and just get on with it. Stop worrying about how you look! And the first time you do it, it’s going to be scary. You’re probably going to think you look and sound completely horrible and that’s just natural.
I’m sure if I listened to my podcast, I’m not going to like how I sound, you know, but anyway, just do it.

How Does Your Audience React?

Publish a video, do something different. See how your audience reacts to that different piece of content. If you’re a podcaster, go and make a video, go and publish something on Youtube.
Maybe if you’re recording a podcast, you could just put the camera on you as well and record yourself talking. Look at the camera occasionally, share some screenshots if is related stuff. Josh Rogan does this well on his podcast, he’s got YouTube channel as well, but it’s all the same content. The videos are there, the YouTube channel is him recording himself and his interviewee and then his podcast is just the audio version.
So try it! Try something completely different. And whether you try to decide to do this for 30 days as I did with Vidvember or if you try and do this, just once a week the point is to prepare yourself, step out of what you already do and the places where you are interacting. If you are in a Facebook group every day and you post questions, maybe post a video asking that same question, just do something a bit different.
Get used to the feeling of what it’s like to step into other places and deliver yourself at a different level. Okay?
That’s my real tip to you this week is you know, get out there, try something different, step out of your comfort zone. You never know where this could lead.
You never know where it’s going to end up taking you.
You don’t know how your audience are going to react, and that’s a key thing.
If you suddenly had huge engagement from putting a video out, then that might be your solution to go and create more video content, but until you try it, you will never know.


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