How Daily Habits Radically Change Your Life & Business (10YM6)

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Jun 14, 2019
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Do you want to know the easiest way to get more stuff done?
This not necessarily a business strategy or a marketing tip, but something you can actually apply to your business that will help that area of your business you want to work on or even your personal life.

A Quick Story

About four or five years ago, I wanted to get fitter and healthier. My kids were growing up and I wanted to be fit when they’re at the age of 16 so I can play football with them. Chase them down to the park, climbing mountain biking or any active play.
I just wanted to be fit and healthy at the age, when they’ve got a lot of energy. So I began exercising. I found that APP on the IOS store and it was a seven-minute workout.
I started doing that. It was seven minutes a day, obviously. I wasn’t the fittest at the time, middle age, probably overweight high BMI. I think I was about 13 going on 14 stone.
Anyway, I started doing the seven-minute workout and it was good. Got It going. But I knew I needed to do more than 7 minutes if I really wanted to get fitter and crack my weight and get it down.
So I progressed onto another APP. I found one called Freeletics and I started doing that as well, just body weight stuff. And I went through that whole training stage of exercising every day.
And I mean every day! Without fail
I think in the first year I done something stupid like 12,000 burpees.
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It tracks everything you do on the different workouts. It was a crazy amount. I got through that whole year of training and just carried on doing these workouts and it stemmed from there to daily workouts.
And then it became more into a lifestyle.
Here is something that you can all try doing, which is just a simple daily habit.
I want you ask your self is this:
Is there something I can do for the next 30 days that can change in my lifestyle or even in my business?
Once I got into fitness and was doing workouts every day, that became a habit. It simply became ingrained in my daily routine. I knew that I had to do a workout before I started work. And it was that kind of thing that really just got into my head that I had to do. And it became a lifestyle choice for me.
It still is today. I exercise every day because it just became a habit.

Apply To Business

I started to apply this habit tracking to other things in life. You might have heard of 30-day challenges. There’s always the 30-day challenge that comes up on social media. I started seeing Matt Cutts do it. He was a big Google SEO guy at the time and he would always do 30-day challenges.
Next, I started cutting out sugar in my diet, went vegetarian for 30 days, went Vegan, practiced journaling and lots more.
What can you do for the next 30 days in your business?
Try and break a bad habit or even try something new and improve on your current circumstance.
If you wanted to apply the 30-day challenge or a daily habit to your business.
Here are some thing s you could try for the next 30 days:
  • Interacting with people on Twitter for 15 minutes only.
  • Scheduling two posts every day that go out on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.
  • Create a new Pinterest graphic.
  • Livestream every day for 30 days.
  • Write 200 words every day. Once you’ve written 1000 words for the week, you might publish a new blog post.
  • Only reply to email between 12pm-1pm.
  • Do all client calls first thing in the morning.
  • Send 5 outreach emails to prospects.
  • Send 5 Instagram videos to connect with new people in your industry.
  • Send 5 guest blog pitches.
  • Comment on 5 of your favourite blog post.
  • Share something valuable in a forum.
  • Post a new video to YouTube every day sharing your knowledge.
  • Spend 30 minutes organising your inbox.
  • Always clean your desk at 5pm.
  • Complete rubbish tasks for the day before 12pm.
  • Create a new t-shirt design.
There’s so many different things you can do that can really change your view on business, life, health, whatever it is you want.
Go and download my free tracker, You’ll find a tracker you can go and download, print off the master template and my examples and get ready.

30 Day Challenge

In most cases, you should start a 30 days challenge at the beginning of the month. It makes it much easy to track.
And much easier to prepare for.
notion image
Do something different that you haven’t done before. Get out of your comfort zone. And by changing your routine and breaking a new habit, you tend to break the old habits.
If you’ve got bad habits (like we all have), this is a great way to break those bad habits.
Bad Habits
Example – you get up in the morning, eat your breakfast, look at your phone, and then walk out the door and go to work. You wake up, you look at your phone and you get up, feed the kids, and then you carry on with the day.
Try and break that habit. Get up in the morning and maybe exercise. Get up in the morning and try and drink a glass of lemon water every day for 30 days. It will refresh your body first thin and your mind.
Don’t look at your phone in the morning for 30 days, try that (it’s hard)
If its the first time you’re ever going to do this, just pick one, pick one habit that you’re going to try and change.
One habit to try in your personal life, if you eat sugar, just cut out sugar for 30 days. That’s refined sugar (BTW).
If you’re already do cut out sugar, great! You might want to try and exercise every day for 30 days or just do yoga or simply stretch in the morning for 30 days


The power of doing something like this is that you look back after 30 days, you should be able to see great progress.
In personal development stuff. You might feel much better. You might sleep better, you might feel more awake. If you tried to drink two liters of water every day in your daily habit. I’m pretty sure by the end of 30 days, you’re going to feel much more awake than you ever have (if you’re not drinking that amount of water now).
In business, if you are posting every day on a particular social media platform, I would think by the end of it you should see a little increase in traffic coming back to your website. And that is obviously if you’re linking people traffic back to your website as you should be.

How It Works

  • Print off the master sheet.
  • Study my example sheet.
  • Plan your 30-day challenge to start the next month.
  • Look out for my reminder email (usually around the 28th of the current month).
  • Look out for my “challenge starting’ email.
  • Look out for my followup videos.
Lastly, have fun! Don’t get too hooked up and anxious if you miss a day here and there.

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