5 Steps To Marketing

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Apr 30, 2013
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If you sell products or services online you absolutely must have your “base” setup.
Your base, your hub, your HQ, your home, your blog, your platform whatever you want to call it! Get it finished before you promote.
Your base is where you can build your audience and boost yourself into the web using the power of user base promotion.
Some people start online by setting up Facebook and Twitter accounts as they know people are already there promoting themselves. They begin sharing content, posting affiliate links but get nothing back in return. Have you done this?
Marketing on the Internet is NOT about having a Twitter account and Facebook page.
It IS about being everywhere you possibly can and sharing useful information with your target market.
There’s lots of noise out on the web and if you don’t provide anything of value then people simply won’t notice you.
If you don’ have a base or any structure here’s what you need to do.

1. Setup a base!

Setup either a blog, Google+, fan page, tumblr page, WordPress.com blog. By base I mean somewhere you use as home. Somewhere where people can find you all the time.It makes sense to have a website or blog as your base but that doesn’t mean you can’t use Google+ as your base (or even Facebook) as long as your followers know where to find you.

2. Content

Have some useful information about your services or products on your base. Share content your followers want or produce content which will help them learn.
Try and produce consistent amounts of content which your audience can soak up. Don’t be worried about giving away the good stuff. Write great content for your niche and publish consistently.

3. Products

In most cases you will sell products or services so it makes sense to sell them from your base. Get your products finished and loaded onto your base and make them easy to find.
Again having a blog makes it easier to add multiple pages which you use to sell your products. You may find this a little harder if you are using Facebook for example. There’s no real place to showcase your services on a fan page.

4. Capture them!

Setup a lead capture process using Aweber (or another service) and give away a great products to attract leads. It could be a free video course or a free report as long as it has value. Free reports and training videos are the most common.

5. Share

Lastly get your Social Media profiles setup so you can start sharing all the great content you produced in step 2!
Why Social Media last?
Simple, because you are about to embark on a content marketing journey. Once you have great content to share you can start attracting people to your base.
Remember your base has to stand out amongst hundred of millions of sites which are already growing an audience.

Next Your Marketing Strategy

  • Write great content and share it within your Social Media accounts.The more useful your content the more people read it. The plan is to get people back to your base, read your content and take your free offer. You gain a new subscriber.
  • Next they share it with their followers and you get more new visitors to your site.
  • Simply repeat the process of writing great content and sharing.
I know it’s not that simple but it does work and over time you will see steady growth.
Always try and get people back to your base where they can see your own products and courses.
I'm David Frosdick a content marketer & course creator. I spend my days working with OptimizePress, coaching clients, producing online courses, digital products and generally seeing what's working online with marketing. Thanks for visiting my blog and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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David Frosdick

I'm David a content marketer & digital product creator. I spend my days learning about marketing, testing new ideas and working with business owners to improve internal processes and automate what they can. Feel free to contact me if you want to chat.