40 Lead Magnet Ideas For Content Upgrades (10YM5)

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Jun 5, 2019
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Chasing down leads can be one of the most difficult challenges of growing your email list, which is why Lead Magnets are ultimately the best answer.
A Lead Magnet or Content Upgrade is an offer of exchange for some attractive incentives given in trade for a prospect’s contact information. This is usually a name and email.
The end goal of a Lead Magnet is to exponentially boost the number of targeted leads you can acquire and later market your products and services to.

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I’ve got quite the list of opt-ins you can use to grow your contact list, sorted by category.
Remember, the most effective lead magnets are simple and easy, both for you to create and your audience to consume.
Keep in mind the best lead magnets meet the following criteria to be considered valuable:
  1. Relevant and address a real need
  1. Helps your client immediately succeed at something
  1. Demonstrates specific benefits
  1. Easy to access and consume
  1. Has both a high perceived and actual value
  1. Exemplifies your value as an expert in your field
If you keep these points in mind when determining the best lead magnets to use with your clients, you’ll increase your opt-in rate in no time!

PDF – Lead Magnets

PDFs – All of these options can be created and made available to your readers for download, increasing your value to them and their loyalty to you:

1. Checklists

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A checklist should include information your audience ought to monitor regularly – weekly or daily. When you provide it in an easily printable format, you’ll save them time and effort and help them stay on track for their own goals.

2. Mini eBooks

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E-publishing is so simple today. If you know more than you’ve included in your posts, you should document it and make it available, not only as incentive for a reader opt-in, but also as a way to generate passive income, which will end up drawing even more readers with little effort.

3. Worksheets

A worksheet helps people accomplish a specific task or work out a detailed problem. Simply document information you’ve presented in your blog in a step-by-step format and make it downloadable.

4. Transcripts

Any content that has been recorded can easily be offered in transcription form for download, which also creates an easy way to track who is interested in what topics. You can transcribe any video or audio.

5. Case Studies

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Information that supports or backs up what you’ve been writing about in an easily downloadable format will be snatched up quickly by your readers. People love to read stories about folks like them who used your product to succeed.

6. Resource List

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Source: http://incomesuperhero.com (no longer around)
Provide your sources. This not only increases your credibility, it proves you’ve done your research and have a foundation in solid fact.

7. Toolkit

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Everyone wants to know what tools successful bloggers use; providing this information makes for a great lead magnet. Additionally, if you become affiliated with certain products, it could lead to passive income generation.

8. Planners

People are always looking for ways to simplify their lives. Providing planners related to your specialty will be a quick draw for opt-ins.

9. Printables

Printables are a great lead magnet if you are creative and can produce something attractive and useful your audience would like to hang up or use every week, like a shopping list template.

10. Guide

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A guide is like an eBook in that it is a more substantial document to be created, but the benefit of it is that it helps to educate potential clients about your product or service, emphasizing the value you offer.

11. Report

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Reports collect data into a comprehensive document that analytical types love to peruse. Reports are relevant lead magnets in B2B interactions, as well.

12. Blueprint

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A blueprint is like a cheatsheet or handout that provides specific information for accomplishing a task or goal that you’ve discussed in your blog. Readers will want to access the formula for copying your success story.

13. Chapter Sample

Offering a part or whole chapter from your book as an opt-in motivator will not only work well for garnering responses, but it will lead to additional sales of the book itself; once readers have had a taste they’ll want to read the whole thing!

14. Blog Post

Turning your blog post into a PDF and offering it as a lead magnet has the remarkable outcome of people wanting to own a copy of the blog post they just read in PDF format! Choose a topic that received a lot of comments or has valuable bullet points to highlight.


Media is a means of mass communication that generally refers to electronic video or audio files. If you have created any media projects in the scope of your work, they could easily be used for a lead magnet:

15. Video Course

If you offer video training of any sort, make it available in exchange for opt-in. The long-term benefits will outweigh the loss of revenue and could lead to further purchases once your audience recognizes the value you offer.

16. SlideShare

Any SlideShare presentation you’ve created can be used as a lead magnet. If the work is already done, you can continue to reap the benefits of your effort long after the original impetus has passed.

17. How-to Video Tutorial

Like a shortened version of the video course, this could be one session, providing just a taste of the entire course.
Folks who provide their information in exchange for a part of the whole are likely to come back for the entire thing.
This was actually a webinar I recorded and the replay is offered for download.

18. PodCast / Audio

Using a specific topic, themed podcast, or audio file as a lead magnet is a great option, as is offering a previously unreleased audio file or “deleted scenes” from a particularly entertaining guest speaker. People love to get access to something they think is a bonus or special feature.

19. Software Downloads

If your business is technology, offering a trial of software or an app can be an effective opt-in. After all, who doesn’t want to try it before they buy it?

20. SaaS Apps

Like software, SAAS app trials create great opportunities for a lead magnet when potential customers try out the product.
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21. Online Web Apps

The magic of an online web app is that for users to get the free login information, they have to sign up with their email address. There you have it: one more contact in the file.

22. Calculator

Depending on your main focus or topic, a relevant online calculator that requires an opt-in to access can result in a lot of reader response. People like to measure themselves and see how they compare to the rest of the world. Why not provide them with a related tool?

23. Educational Video

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An educational video on your focused subject matter, either one you’ve created yourself or one you have access to through your sources, can be an excellent lead magnet. The audio and visual components of a video reach diverse types of learners and add perceived value to your product.

24. Webinar

There’s an appeal behind the idea of live training, so offering a webinar, even one that’s prerecorded, can be an exceptional draw with a higher click rate than a free PDF.

25. Video Case Study

Video recordings of personal testimonials are highly motivating and inspiring, making video case studies a great lead magnet.

26. Video Interview

We all listen to audio interview via podcast but there’s nothing like seeing your favourite speak on video if you can’t see them in person. If you have the setup to create live interviews in your niche try offering some as content upgrades


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Templates for documents you’ve created and used are highly appealing downloadables for your audience, which makes them perfect lead magnets:

27. Spreadsheets

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Because spreadsheets are so adaptable, they can be used to create a multitude of useful resources, depending on your topic or focus. Provide your most frequently used spreadsheets in template form for a tempting offer.

28. PowerPoint

Any presentations you’ve created for your own work can be made available to your audience.

29. Google Slide

Like PowerPoint, any Google Slide presentations can be used for a lead magnet.

30. eBooks

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(Pages, iBooks) Because e-publishing has become so simplified, more people are trying their hand at it. Offering a template for a simple eBook can give your readers a leg up in their own endeavors.

– Checklist

Mentioned above but they make good templates. If you make checklist lead magnets then you can offer your checklist template.

– Workbooks

We mentioned this earlier but a workbook template can save someone a lot of time.

31. WordPress Theme

Offering WordPress theme templates will provide an opt-in impetus because you’re offering to help jumpstart other bloggers’ success stories.

32. Lead Magnet

When you’ve figured out what’s worked for you, create a template of your lead magnet to offer to your clients. They’ll be thrilled.

33. Landing Pages

The landing page of a website is the best place to make the best first impression. If you’ve got a great template, offer it as bait for a lead magnet.

34. E-course

A template for an e-course is an offer your readers will snatch up. Anything that saves others the work you’ve already done is a sure-thing for an opt-in.

35. Launch Plan

Similarly to some of the previous items, if you have established a successful launch plan and have the document templates to support it, offer it as a lead magnet. No one wants to reinvent the wheel.


Mentioned above but planners are popular and can become templates.

36. Calendar

Everyone uses a calendar; if you can provide a template that reflects your industry or focus, which of your users wouldn’t want a copy for themselves?


37. Coaching / Consultation

These are a brilliant lead magnet to offer if you have the time available of you feel like adding some additional value to your customers. I offer free calls to select email subscriber each month on a first come, first serve basis.

38. Discount

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A common one for ecom businesses and usually a high converting offer for new site visitors. When used well you should have a good followup sequence that educates your subscribers further about your products.

39. Free Shipping

This is another ecom lead magnet that works super well. Everyone is looking for free deals and free shipping can push the customer towards making a purchase much quicker than other marketing.

40. Audit

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This is something many freelancers can offer to get my clients. It’s often overlooked but a great way to get in credible leads and if you provider enough value in your audit it can easily lead to a new client.
I’ve also compiled another 10 ideas. These are random, extra ideas that didn’t quite fit in any of the preceding categories.

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