Sept 8th - Smallest Webinar Ever

I hosted a webinar last night with a colleague.
It was our smallest session ever.
We hadn't emailed our list as it was our offer hours support webinar. These are sessions where customers submit questions beforehand so they only really attend if they have questions.
Here's a few tips to help if you're running webinars. The best part is we plan for these quiet sessions ahead of time.
✅ Deliver it as though there's hundreds people.
✅ Get a recording of the event.
✅ Have backup questions ready.
✅ Try and engage the people who have attend.
✅ Aks of they have more specific questions they want you to cover.
✅ Add a bonus training tip at the end.
✅ Email all who attended recently.
✅ Email new customers within 30 days.
By offering support webinars we assume people will just attend each week.
Bad assumption.
We have our office linked under all support emails. Probably a few hundred of those went out the week before and still not many attended.
Sometimes people don't need help or want to wait a week for the next office hours.
It's still early days since starting these webinars. We hope they bring value and the overall goal is to provide more direct support to customers.