Sept 7th - Customers Switching Email

Not mater how many marketing flows you build there’s always loop holes that customers find.
I built an abandoned cart flow in Klaviyo that sends a general email saying you forgot something.
Nothing fancy, no discount.
I then started a split tested, on the same email, with a discount.
Two days later another email goes out with the discount saying cart expiring.
All good so far. It works great until a regular customer decided to use a different email.
At this point you marketing system breaks in the eyes of your client.
The customer contacts the company saying the discount doesn’t work.
The company (my client) contacts me (10pm) saying there’s an error…
Me, being a freelancers decides to take a look at 10pm, bad move working this late. Not because anything bad happens but boundaries at work must be set.
After a little digging the customer used a different email and got sent a discount code. The tried to checkout on the site using their original email that they had already used the same discount before with. Sneaky!
Minor issues like this can’t be avoided. As long as you explain it clearly to your client you’re good.
It’s part of marketing.